ENJO will custom-fabricate windows to your specifications, regardless of size or shape. ENJO windows are available with a variety of muntin bar widths ranging from 7/8-in. to 1-1/2-in. All double and triple hung windows are counterbalanced with either Weight and Chains or concealed balance. A full range of glazing is also available. We offer double and triple insulated units using clear tinted, Low E, tempered or laminated glass thickness from 3/8-in. To 1-1/2-in. Custom beveled, leaded or etched glass units can be made in any design or size. ENJO’s drafting and engineering departments are at your disposal to turn your creative concepts into lasting realities.

ENJO Windows and Doors


Select from our "ENJO DESIGNS" or provide your own custom specification. We can create, design and manufacture any wood door to your specifications. All doors, Side Lights, Transoms, Fan Lights and Moldings are available in any size, shape and thickness from 1-1/8" to 3-1/2" ... Most panel sections can be wood or glass as per your request ... A state of the art manufacturing facility allows us to easily accommodate a broad range of requirements with out compromising our commitment to excellence.